Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 7

Everything I guessed in the previous review came true, again! Surprisingly, even though I knew it would happen, I thought the scene was well done, as it had me hanging on every word that was being said.

Saeko's subtle changes in expression helped make the scene. But it did make me realize why this show is so boring. Even though both characters are pretty good by themselves, they have no chemistry. Komikado and Mayuzumi in Legal High have more chemistry than these people do. So it's almost like watching robots trying to mimic human relationships. Hence me not caring what happens, hence the drama just being a regular "eh" drama.


Souta lives to make chocolate. We finally get to see Matsuri's ex-boyfriend, who turns out to be just as sleazy as you would expect. Matsuri kisses Olivier to make up for it. Souta gives the most amazing chocolates ever to Saeko. The kissing spree in the Koyurugi family continues, with Souta sealing the Valentine's deal with a kiss. .....That's all. Wow that was short.


Even though it was such a big milestone for the show, not much actually happened, huh?

Olivier is so cute when he's happy like this! He should always stay happy!

I realized I'm so happy when Erena's not around. What was this scene here? It served absolutely no purpose. The show wasting time, again. I wondered if along with Kaoruko, we were going to see Erena running into Souta and Saeko after her work, but nothing happened.

She's too bubbly and pouty. It's really tiring for me to watch. When she's sad, she pouts, when she's happy, it's her huge smile again. She almost feels like a fake person. I wonder what would happen if she was genuinely sad/angry at something, like about an actually serious situation such as harassment? Would she keep on doing her pouty sad face, or would she finally give a reaction like a normal person?

Speaking of Kaoruko, it was so obvious she was going to see that Souta/Saeko scene. I don't know why she thinks she has any right to be offended/butt in, as usual. Why won't Sekiya come in and distract her and rescue all of us from the pain of having to watch Kaoruko???

Although, in the preview, she made it sound so funny when she said "That woman is weird, Souta-kun, you have to watch out". Geez, what does she think Saeko is going to do? Besides, Souta is a grown man, I'm sure he can take care of himself better than Kaoruko can take care of anyone, and, as usual, it's not her place to say anything.

Oooooh evil Saeko, I'm so scared~~~

Seriously, what can she possibly do? Smother you with her makeup? (that is quite a lot of makeup there)

In other news, why do they need sugar when they have already melted chocolate? I got inspired by this show to make chocolates for Valentine's day like they do in Japan, so I followed some Japanese guide, and now all of the scenes in the choco la vie kitchen actually make sense, I can tell what they're doing. But none of the guides I saw used sugar for anything. I don't think you'd really need it unless you were making the chocolate from scratch, which they're clearly not doing, they're not even using dark chocolate, because all the melted chocolates have a really light color. I wonder if the mangaka/scriptwriter put that in randomly or they had some justification for needing sugar. If I was writing, I think it would have been more realistic to run out of (and actually need) milk, or cream.

Although, if I was writing this, you can be sure I would change nearly the entire story.

And, THE SCENE. What's the most surprising about this scene for me was that it happened in Episode 7, where we have not 1 or 2, but 4 episodes to go until the end! Looks like there will be a lot more drama than what we've been getting so far, because, what else can happen?

As you might have noticed, I mostly felt sad that none of the kitties would find a home. I always feel sad for kitties in those shops, and it's so common in Japan for them to be sold like that. I haven't been to many of them, but in one of them, the kitties were being sold for approximately $2000, some even up to $3000. That is a lot of money, wow.

Another thing that was surprising was that Souta wasn't dense about Saeko's thoughts this time around. I'm glad his instincts finally kicked in. I still don't believe that just because you were dumped by someone 7 years ago, you should be completely immune to the this-person-loves-me instinct.

From the preview, it looks like this situation means even less Erena, so even more yay for me! Although the price to pay for that might be more bitchy Kaoruko....

Why are all of the women in this show annoying one way or another???


Finally, let's get to the real business. Did you expect I would post this?

Wow!! Saeko is so lucky! I could barely make something covered in plain chocolate for my Valentine's, I can't imagine how difficult making these must be! Each of them looks so wonderful! (Although the uninserted drawer looks like a ripoff of Ricdor, but I'm fine with that, you know I prefer the Ricdor chocolates) And such a pretty box! How convenient is it to live in Japan and have easy access to lovely things like this!

Do you know the drama Coffee Prince? Just like the actual coffee prince shops in Seoul, I wish they would make a choco la vie in Tokyo that really does sell these gorgeous sweets. I would stop by for sure the next time I get to fly in! Customer for life!

Heh. I wish. :(


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  2. The Sugar could be for making caramel and inserting that into the chocolate. Also, I think I set a new record by finishing this episode in 5 mins, mostly composed of chocolate scenes obviously. I initially started the show for the dark humor but thats gone too. I think its about time I stop watching. Another reason I started watching is there arent any good jdramas airing right now. I didnt wanna watch the weeping Haruma's drama. The doctor told me not to get dehydrated.

    1. Ah, indeed, I hadn't thought of the non-chocolate fillings!

      Ahhhh now I want caramel truffles :(

      Actually you can watch Haruma's drama, it's not depressing at all. It hasn't made me cry even once! Compared to Sekachuu (not sure if you know it) in which I cried every episode, Haruma's drama barely deserves to be called a terminal illness drama. You don't really feel sad because the characters aren't lovable at all :P

  3. Otsukare sama deshita! For ep 7 subs and for how fast it comes out!

    I'm dissapointed! I thought that things would be different finally and everyone moves on! But no! Argh!

  4. One good thing happened though. Cute and Happy Olivier~ Weeee~

  5. I can't help but agree with your "Komikado and Mayuzumi in Legal High have more chemistry than these people do" comment. ><

    1. I recently finished Legal High 2 and I'm still dying inside that there's not even a hint of something between the two still ;___;

      Need Legal High 3!!!

  6. After I saw the episode I kinda guessed what you'd say... :P Let's start, then!

    1. First of all, completely agree with the "no chemistry" thing. I mean, come on! After all those hot scenes with Erena, we get this? He CAN do it better!

    2. Happy Olivier is so cute! >w< Hope they don't ruin it...

    3. You didn't put this, but that part about Souta's dream! I was going "kyaaa!!! kyaaa!!!" when he said he was in a hotel for his honeymoon with Olivier!←just wants some yaoi *wink wink*.

    4. Erena's scene seemed unrelated to the main story, bet they showed it only because she looked at the date, remembered what Souta was about to do, and thought about what he said, blah blah... and if that's the case, we'll have to put up with disappointed Erena some time soon...*sigh*

    5. About Kaoruko seeing the last scene, I didn't find it too obvious. At first I was hoping that the person with the plastic bag was Saeko's husband... THAT would have been awesome! Too bad it was just her...
    By the way, when you say "I don't know why she thinks she has any right to be offended/butt in, as usual" it sounds weird, you know... It's not like we must "have right" to feel offended by something, we just get offended. Wouldn't you be at least a tiny bit upset if someone you loved was in a situation where they are clearly at disadvantage? I will play devil's advocate here and say that maybe in this case I don't see anything bad with Kaoruko's attitude. She might just be afraid of what Saeko could do to Souta because she knows he's been hurt in the past. I know I'd be worried if I were her (just not enough to do something xD). But as you say, he's a grown man. She should let him deal with that by himself. Anyway, it's just a drama. Let's not get too worked up over fictional characters :P

    6. Will Sekiya EVER answer to Kaoruko's mail? He should at least reply with "I don't care. Don't ever mail me again"or something! And is Ricdor just a time-filler now? Like "we have one minute, what should we shove in there. Oh! Remember Ricdor? Yeah, let's go with that". To think that I considered his character the most interesting one in the whole story...

    7. Evil Saeko in next chapter. I can't trust her yet, you know... She seems so unoffensive and helpless that one would think "but she couldn't do anything to me!", but in real life those women are really dangerous. Have met a few of those before... And yes, IT'S WAY TOO MUCH MAKE UP!!!

    8. Chocolates *faints*. That box... lucky Saeko u,u I bet those things would be un-affordable if they existed... *sigh* I'm a poor girl, so I'll just watch and imagine what would it be like if I could have them :3

    9. Sugar can be used for many things in that shop! Chocolates are filled with some other things like caramel, and they make other stuff like macarons, which also need sugar. Besides, they follow French recipes, not Japanese ones, so they can be pretty different. Well, I'm no expert in food-making, so I can't be sure xD

    As always, thanks for the subs, hope you'll continue making them in spite of finding this show so boring xDDDDDD Aww, come on!!! Four chapters!!! They can change it upside-down during that time and, say, give us an end where Souta goes back to Paris with Olivier!!! AND THEY MARRY!!! ←extremely unrealistic optimism... and an uncontrollable craving for some yaoi (shouts SOUTAXOLIVIER FOREVER!!! and runs). Sorry about that, it came from nowhere xD. Now, being serious, I'll cross my fingers and hope they won't give us the typical drama end *sigh*. I'm looking forward to whatever the husband does when he finds out ^____^ (screams BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD! moving arms up and down). And I'm extremely ashamed about the awfully long comment... seems that I make it longer every week (hope that doesn't bother you ^^U).

    1. actually many people think that olivier and souta look quite good together
      and their chemistry is better than any pairing but after all it s a tv drama so cant show this kind of things

    2. I like your comments!!!! :)

      Actually the chocolates probably aren't that expensive, I mean, once I went to a Japanese brand super high class (or so the internetz said) chocolate shop in NYC where everyone was complaining about the price, but a box of chocolates was only around $20. I was expecting some astronomical price like $80 so that didn't sound so bad to me.

      Although, even if it's $20, imagine how much Saeko spent getting chocolates for all her friends and family ;)

      I don't know about the manga but I think in the drama Souta and Olivier have even less chemistry than Souta and Saeko... :D I'm always in for some good bromance, but I don't feel it here.

  7. so far i think olivier kiss is more passionate than souta

  8. Even though it was excepted that Saeko would accept Souta's confession, I am glad that the scene was well done. If it had been faster, it would have made the show really disappointed.

    I find that a lot of drama seem to have the paroxysm near the end of the season. I always wish to see one more in the middle like literature teachers always told me it should me.

    I swear, I will buy myself one of those expensive chocolate box and eat it on the last episode.

    Thank for the subbing. I am still amazed on how fast you work. ^^

  9. Thank you so much for the subs! Can't wait for the next episode!
    Heyyy, even though Kaoruko is bitchy. I love her for it! I think that is her cute factor. ;3

  10. This show doesn't work because the whole story is as if it was ripped from some teenage girls fantasies. The boys never does anything but talk about girls and everyone is having one sided love relationships.

    Fantasies are good because they stay in the head. When one tries to act them out, it all becomes rather boring.

  11. OMG! Why would i intensely waiting for you to post about all of the gorgeous chocolates than this head spinning drama. To be honest, the problem all start with souta. He didn't have clues. I really want to eat high end chocolate like that, not the normal ones we could purchase over the counter.