Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 4

As the story begins to slow down, my impressions of the characters begin to converge; in this case, to the exact opposite of what I thought in the first episode. This episode further solidified Saeko as my number one character to root for, Souta as utterly useless, and Kaoruko as highly annoying (although from the preview it looks like it's going to get worse). The only constant in the show is my desire for Ricdor's chocolates...


Souta and Saeko go on their date. Saeko tries to lure Souta to show some reaction to her. Souta, thinking Saeko is just being an airhead, hides his feelings very successfully. The more depressed Saeko gets, the more cruelly she taunts Souta, and the farther Souta pushes her away. Continuing on the whole "growing"/"becoming a bad guy" path, Souta decides that he needs to take the lead in the relationship (which is of a chocolatier and customer) and decides to make pain d'épices instead of pain au chocolat! The bravery! Surely that will win Saeko's heart!

In another world, Kaoruko first mopes internally, then to Saeko (Kaoruko and Saeko are now mope buddies, it seems like whenever they actually talk, both sides leave the conversation even more depressed about themselves) then to Sekiya. And further goes to misunderstand Sekiya, probably. Sekiya turns out to be a man of few words, so he probably didn't actually mean to be harsh to her.

The whole deal with Olivier and Matsuri from the previous episode? Brushed aside in two minutes, with Matsuri-chan saying thanks but no thanks.


I'm sure it surprises no one that Saeko is now my favorite character. No matter what stupid thing she does, I completely understand it. Her husband is also incredibly annoying, no one can blame her. She just showed her even more of her vulnerable side today, and the only surprising thing is how Souta is so completely oblivious when she's being so obvious. I understand that he was burned once so he doesn't believe it any longer, but, again, that was years ago, Souta. I thought about it again, and Saeko has never actually rejected any of his moves on her since his return to Japan. At every meeting, if he was a bit more forward, she would have let him. It was all his fault for keeping it all to himself.

I'm still disturbed from Saeko's sad injured face in the next episode preview, but previews are pretty much always misleading, so here's me hoping that she slipped on water or something, and her husband was being mean to her because she's a tantrum throwing crybaby.

Speaking of crybaby, why is she all alone? Where is her family? Mother? Sister? They all live in Tokyo, right? How come they never visit each other if she's so lonely?

On a lighter note (literally), Saeko's entire wardrobe is in shades of pale pink and off white. She has at least three coats in almost the exact same color!! Not only that, how many boots does she have that are also the same color, but in different heel heights?

Take note, minions who want to learn Saeko's tips and tricks. The key is to have the boots in the same color, so the men won't catch on, because they'll think you're wearing the same shoes all the time.

Of course this show never has any shortage of stupid people, but Erena in this episode really took it to a whole new level. Don't misunderstand - it's not about her forgetting to exchange numbers/addresses with Kurashina when they were talking, because similar things have happened to me many times. The problem is... Wasn't she at a party with him? How can she realize she forgot to do this for the entire duration of the party?? Why not try to go talk to him again?

Although maybe Souta was worse when he practically jumped on Erena to release his frustration with Saeko. I get that Erena has no problem with it, but if you have to do it, do it on Saeko, now that would be progress for you. If Saeko really is the type of girl he thinks she is, then he would have lost nothing doing that ages ago! She would probably have gone along with it. Souta, while focusing on details and memorizing every breath Saeko takes, completely misses the big picture, and it's maddening.

The music is one of the things I'm enjoying the most in this show so far. The new bgm in the above capped scene was lovely too. In many of the scenes, the music really helps to complete the feeling being portrayed. It doesn't get in the way, but it's not bland enough to be unnoticeable.

Last thing I thought I'd mention, it says Souta and Saeko's history here. I forgot to add it to the subs, so if anyone was curious, well, that's what it says. Although it's very obvious.

Second last thing I just remembered: The above scene! The dining room looks nearly the same as one used in Dokushin Kizoku! Has anyone watched Dokushin Kizoku? Anyone know what I'm talking about? I'm not crazy am I?

All in all, not too much to think about in this episode. I'm sick of being frustrated with Kaoruko, so I won't get into a discussion about her. Next episode looks like it will be more interesting, so until then, let's just enjoy the real topic of this drama, which is sweets:

I desperately need this shop in my life. Every time someone bites into one of the gem-like chocolates (first Erena at the end of episode 1, now Souta here) I die a little, because the sound of that crunch is just too perfect. Seriously. Who makes these for the show? Please release them to the entire world. And please, as it is in the show, please open shops in other places before Japan so I can get it easier (probably).

And here's the new product. I don't know what pain d'épices is, never saw/had it. But apparently it's kind of like gingerbread? Some spicy bread? But it looks more like cake to me. Doesn't look or sound appetizing, compared to everything else they have in the shop. 

Although thinking about it, now I want some... I think this is the first item mentioned in the drama that I've never had! Must fix that, yes?


  1. I'm kind of sad that they made the husband the bad guy who "pushes" her to do all the selfish things.
    It's now too easy for her to run out to Sota with a perfect excuse of controlling bad husband. I really hope they do not pull the DV-card, that'd be overkill.
    I personally so not feel for her at all. I also do not feel like she changed at all, she is still manipulating to get what she wants. Which I don't like. I don't like Sota either. He's stupid beyond reasoning. But at least he kind of tries to not fall for her traps.
    Also, agree about Kaoruko, somehow. Moping never got you anywhere, girl. You're over 30, ffs.

  2. I also think ep 4 is very slow and nothing interesting but i feel sad for my prince olivier
    maybe the main characters i cant stand to watch as i feel like slapping them so i focus on olivier and sota sis and kaoruko
    actually i prefer kaoruko than saeko
    as she s the one who is helping sota to run the shop

    and saeko what she do is just seduce him

    when someone havng a crush on another person but dont dare to confess as scared cant even be friends
    i mean all she can do is just letting out her frustration because she keep all her emotion in heart for a long time
    and why she abit get frustrated s because she s jealous
    i think it s nature for her to be like that because she love him

    i mean if you have crush on a guy and see that so crazy for a bad girl how will you feel?
    i mean if saeko love sota why dont she divorce and be together w sota and not seduce or play him

    i mean most girls will be like kaoruko see saeko as a bad girl or flirty

    this s wat i feel

    even saeko s pretty but she s using her beauty to toy with guys

    and another stupid girl s sota sis she s going out w her best friend's bf
    and she still reject olivier A gd guy
    and after rejecting she still avoids him
    she snatch other bf is wrong already but she still dont want olivier
    not bother about he is rich or handsome eve if he s not\
    but at least he has a true heart and single some more
    i mean such a sensible guy and wont two timers or have sex partner
    is hard to get
    so i reALLY get very frustated after this rp

    i hope next week will be better at least not so slow

    if not because of mizobata junpei i wont even watch this drama

    really ep 4 is the worse not because olivier got reject but story s vvv slow sometime fast forward
    if like tt i think i ll fast forward to olivier and kaoruko scenes only
    as i am getting sick of the main charACTER

  3. Hmmm... I sort of agree with you in most points, especially the one regarding the need for Ricdor's shop in real life (IT'S JUST SO PERFECT!!!), but... Saeko just doesn't convince me yet.
    Because... after all, she's only going after Souta because her husband just doesn't care about her. Supposing he was a different husband, say... a good man who treated her the way she wants... or if she wasn't married at all, would it be the same? And what if Souta falls in her game? Does that change anything? From where I see it, it's not like she's just going to leave her husband for him... I mean, if that's what she intended to do, she would have done it already. It's not like she doesn't have enough reasons, am I right? (I hope her injuries don't have anything to do with domestic violence O___O).
    Somehow, I feel that she's still playing... that's just sad...
    Not that I like Souta either... Sometimes I want to punch him hard in the face...
    Kaoruko... I don't know... I wanna root for her, but she doesn't help herself, so... *sigh* She's hopeless xD
    Right now, I'm actually rooting for Ricdor xD THAT would be an interesting change :P
    Well, let's see what happens...
    (Oh! And thanks for making the subtitles!!! It's my first time commenting hee, but I've been downloading the subs from d-addicts since chapter 1 :P Glad to see that this week you weren't sick ^__^)

  4. Ep 04 seems like the revenge of the coquette victim although Souta doesn't quite know where he is going with his plan. This drama is interesting because it keeps the viewer off-balance.
    And, as you say, the BGM enhances the mood as was the case in Dokushin Kizoku. Speaking of which, it's 'deja vu all over again' (as Yogi Berra would say) with Saeko and her girlfriend meeting in the same room as Reiko and Yuki did in ep10 of DK.

  5. Yes!!! I said the same thing to myself about that scene where they are having tea. I'm like that is definitely the same set from Dokushin Kizoku. It's just way too obvious, though. Unless... the worlds overlap! That would be awesome, but I'm sure that's not it.

  6. Just reading the review, i could feel both headache and heartache already. Human being is not perfect, well defined, clear cut (like oil and water), and could not be grouped easily as saint or evil ne. That's beautiful in it. Once i was so rage with extra marital affair people like saeko (not that i have bad exprerience or anything, it's just that i could not understand them. why would they do that? what they want to achieve?and why get married in the very first place?) but i slowly could understand the nature of human already.

    by the way, kind of nostalgic when i saw the spices cake, hehe. but, the luxious ricdor chocolate s just made me insane.