Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 5

Plot twist: It turns out that this is actually a love story between Souta and Erena. Shitsuren Chocolatier depicts the adventures of a young guy who found true love thanks to his high school sweetheart. Everything that happened thanks to the influence of Saeko was just to bring him closer to Erena, whom he would never have met otherwise. Now the plot changes from Souta running after Saeko to the two finding their mutual love.

Of course, this doesn't actually happen. But the show is sure making it look like it's going to.


Saeko decides to focus on being a waifu and stops going to choco la vie (apparently housewives aren't allowed to buy chocolate). She orders a birthday cake on her last visit, which Souta spends a long time making. Saeko has an accident on the morning of her birthday (thank you evil husband) and hits her head on the counter, requiring bandages on her head, so she refuses to let anyone see her... And sends the husband to get her cake, which disappoints everyone in the store. In the meanwhile, Erena confesses to Kurashina, but is rejected (shock, shock). Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for: Kaoruko unleashes all her crazy moping to Souta's face. Her un-politically-correctness makes me cringe.


Tsk, tsk, Kaoruko, didn't your mom teach you not to eavesdrop?

First let me get my rage with this girl over with.

As expected from last week's preview, we knew to expect some crazy things coming out of Kaoruko's mouth this episode. However, I was astounded by the things she actually said. I really could barely bring myself to put words like "bitch" in my subs, however that is kind of literally what she says (as in female dog) and to water it down felt like it would not convey the emotion of the scene well enough. No wonder Souta hated on her. He was kinder than I would have been (although I think you all can guess that by now). What right does this girl think she has to speak like this? What right does she think she has to Souta's life or relationships? If you want to be passive and not do anything, fine, then don't complain about it either. I can understand her sadness and frustration, but this behavior is not acceptable.

I will admit, I felt sorry for her post-scene, when she was crying to Olivier on the phone. I know she doesn't actually know how to act or what to say when it comes to Souta, and that can make a girl feel small and weak and afraid. If only she showed the slightest sign of improving her attitude...

And those short pants with white socks underneath. Seriously, director, stop doing a closeup of that.

My second beef this week is with Saeko's husband (that sentence was horribly grammatically incorrect, but, I'm tired of thinking about making sentences ;)). I ignored him until now, but seriously. Yes the story is set up too conveniently that Saeko is stuck with demon husband boo hoo and Souta has to save her. (Souta even said the very same thing himself! Although he thought it was just wishful thinking) The real problem here is, almost everyone else on the character list is so three-dimensional that this guy is beginning to really stick out.

What did he marry Saeko for? How can you not show any affection to such a cute wife? He's always so curt and/or mean to her, even when she's being perfectly nice and accommodating. What is your problem?? Do you need therapy? Saeko has a very pacifying personality, and he makes her lose her calm every other minute. She cooks, she cleans, she sits at home, what more do you want?? Why did you get married at all?? He doesn't even seem to be showing any interest in procreation. I wish, like the other characters, he had more of a role, some reasoning behind his character, apart from being a simple old plot device.

No comments about the "accident" because as expected, it really was an accident, and nobody's fault. However, I agree with Saeko. Who would want to be stuck with scars, jeez? What does being married have to do with it? I'm pretty sure that if someone won't marry you just because you have a small scar, you don't want to marry that person anyway.

Although, sounds like it might possibly be a better option than marrying this person.

Ok, one more thing. I really don't like this person's existence in the show either. He literally shows no interest in Erena and it looks like there's nothing about him that looks interesting enough to like. Erena herself said she doesn't think he's good looking. What a random infatuation. I hope this doesn't get dragged out, she's rejected and it ends like that.

Am I too old and cynical? Do people still "fall in love" like this, without any basis, and with complete strangers, in their mid-20s?

Souta and Erena are really quite like a couple, and while I do see that neither feels a thing for the other besides good friendship, I don't think it's sustainable long-term. It might go good for some time, but eventually, one of them will begin to see the other in a different way, and it will never be the same again. (eg Toradora) I wonder what happens with these two...

The thing that's interesting about Souta is, he's so introspective. He actually understands the personalities of other people, and he's not deluded by fanciful thinking. For example, here he knew that being with happy, positive people makes you happy too. It's almost like knowingly leeching off of them. He was also aware of Saeko's little flirty manipulations, but he admits that it makes her cute, and he likes cute things. He doesn't try to act noble and holy by denying any of these.

But this just makes it more frustrating that, while understanding his own feelings so well, and being so perceptive of others, he is so oblivious to Saeko's true intentions. It's so obvious in her expressions that I can see it through the screen, but he can't see it when it's right in front of him.

Although I guess I can't blame Souta, because being oblivious to the real feelings of love interests in dramas is rule one of How to Make an Asian Drama Main Character 101.

Finally, why are Olivier and Matsuri back down to 2 minutes/episode pacing? There's a ton of wasted time in the last two episodes where nothing significant happens anyway, so I'd rather watch these two. Does this mean that, although they can't instantly get together and need time to grow closer together, we won't actually see what happens during that time? I'd rather not watch Erena's storyline at all, and instead put these two, along with more scenes involving Rikudou.


MY GOODNESS, this cake is a work of art. It is so cute, and it looks so delicious. That butterfly! The flowers! I even love the red macaron, it fits so well! What a birthday cake!

Yes, I admit to having eaten a considerable amount of chocolate this week while watching/subbing. It was a necessity, I tell you.


  1. seriously, what's with that husband. like he has to be ridiculously mean so everyone will hate him. I think that's too easy but I guess it's just how every show works...

    right after watching an episode I love reading your thoughts on it. I love how you summarize and look at it from every angle, always so funny :D
    all the feels I get from every episode, it feels like you understand.
    thanks so so so much for subbing. <3 <3

  2. I never expected the plot to get this complicated to be honest...

    Let's start with Kaoruko... *sigh* God, I don't know what to think about her. She's doing a lot of stupid things, yet I can't fully hate her (maybe because I'm a bit like that myself...). I hope she redeems herself somehow...
    Saeko's husband... Hmm... Yeah, I still don't get why they're married in the first place. I'm guessing Saeko was after money and he... wanted someone to turn on the lights at night for him? The guy is completely weird!!! I'm getting this feeling that his behavior may be due to him suspecting that Saeko is cheating on him, which would make sense taking into account her past actions, but doesn't change the fact that he's being an over possessive jerk.
    As for Kurashina, I can understand his attitude perfectly. After all, Erena fell in love with him without actually knowing him that much, and from what she's said before there isn't any proof that he even liked her at all in the first place. Too bad Erena got rejected... I saw that coming though.
    It still baffles me that Souta can't notice Saeko's real intentions... Can't really blame the guy... If she hadn't been a player before, he wouldn't have any reason to doubt her actions. I don't defend Souta, but it's all Saeko's fault from where I see it (yes, I can't be on her side yet xD).

    That cake *w* I wonder how much a cake like that one would cost in real life...
    Hehehe I bet you ate a lot of chocolate :P I feel like eating some whenever I watch this drama... too bad I can't eat much chocolate without getting severe headaches u,u
    By the way, I love your reviews :P And your subs :D You're officially one of my favorite people in the world right now xD

  3. when kaokuro s crying i suddenly wish olivier will appear and comfort her

    i suddenly feel that if the guy she likes is olivier then i think she no need to suffer so much even if olivier dont like her but i think olivier wont hurt her so much as olivier is more sensitive towards girls' feeling than souta

    so ya i suddenly have this thought why dont kaokuro like olivier as they look quite good together and i feel she is more happy when she is with olivier
    or maybe be with richor guy

    i really think souta is not worthy for her

    and i want to see olivier moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    thanks for subbing this drama

    1. Nooo Olivier shall be with Matsuri :)

      Kaoruko can have Sekiya.

  4. "Because why take the train when you can run?" love the subbing notes haha~

  5. It was the first time I've seen Matsumoto Jun act so serious when he confronted Kaoruko towards the end. Normally he has such a casual light hearted role in his drama's like 'HYD' and 'Natsu no koi wa nijiiro ni kagayaku'. I'm surprised how this actor is still developing so well. Personally with such a sudden disastrous relationship developing between Souta and Kaoruka, I can only think that they will end up being together inevitably. With the one sided love Souta has shown Saeko, and Kaoruka shown Souta, Souta is in the perfect situation to understand her.

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  7. btw, do you know what did they use on the cake??? icing sugar for the flowers???
    I made one 1-2 weeks ago, but the one i made its just not good enough, you can come by and check it out
    i wanna improve it and take it to the next level, just like the one in shitsuren chocolatier tv drama
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