Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 7

Everything I guessed in the previous review came true, again! Surprisingly, even though I knew it would happen, I thought the scene was well done, as it had me hanging on every word that was being said.

Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 6

It almost seems like everything I wrote in the last episode actually happened. Somehow it made watching all the less exciting, because I didn't expect it to be this predictable. And things are becoming even more disappointing, because to fulfill the predictions, the story began to veer towards simpler characters and an unrealistic story line again. I wonder if the manga also has this zigzag from reality to ...being a typical manga plot?

Nodame gets Kdrama adaptation: Why it's a bad idea

So it seems that everyone and their mother has heard that Nodame is being made into a Kdrama. You know how I feel about that? I feel so strongly about that, I am barely able to keep cool about it and explain my feelings. So please allow me to employ the wonderful usage of imagery to demonstrate. Prepare your bandwidth. And eyes. (Scroll past the gifs for actual discussion, starting off from Nodame, all the way to the disgraceful "Boys Over Flowers")

Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 5

Plot twist: It turns out that this is actually a love story between Souta and Erena. Shitsuren Chocolatier depicts the adventures of a young guy who found true love thanks to his high school sweetheart. Everything that happened thanks to the influence of Saeko was just to bring him closer to Erena, whom he would never have met otherwise. Now the plot changes from Souta running after Saeko to the two finding their mutual love.

Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 4

As the story begins to slow down, my impressions of the characters begin to converge; in this case, to the exact opposite of what I thought in the first episode. This episode further solidified Saeko as my number one character to root for, Souta as utterly useless, and Kaoruko as highly annoying (although from the preview it looks like it's going to get worse). The only constant in the show is my desire for Ricdor's chocolates...

Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 3

The winners of this episode are Olivier and Saeko, though deep in my heart, everybody's a winner. This show is (now) doing a really great job in portraying realistic three-dimensional adults, a great feat considering that it began with a cast that seemed like they were going need therapy after episode one.