Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 6

It almost seems like everything I wrote in the last episode actually happened. Somehow it made watching all the less exciting, because I didn't expect it to be this predictable. And things are becoming even more disappointing, because to fulfill the predictions, the story began to veer towards simpler characters and an unrealistic story line again. I wonder if the manga also has this zigzag from reality to ...being a typical manga plot?


Erena gets dumped. Nicely: Making Kurashina the first character to do an instant personality change. (He was really bland and disinterested and frowny in all the previous episodes, but he was very smiley and nice, he even looked like a different person!) Erena gets over her 1+ year crush in approximately 0.01 seconds. And develops a crush on Souta in just 0.005 seconds after that. Souta, heartened by this outcome, decides to confess to Saeko in hopes of having her reject him and then begin seriously going out with Erena. I like how just a few days ago he was claiming their relationship was completely platonic and they both loved someone else. Progress spree doesn't end here, with Matsuri deciding to date Olivier, pretty much out of nowhere. Ah, and Kaoruko makes up with Souta in 0.0001 seconds after their terrible fight and they go back to acting completely normal. Lastly, Saeko removes her bandages. She has no scar.


Pop quiz: This show is becoming so disappointing for akamiso, because:

A) am translates the show so she has to think too much about it, any drama you think too much about will seem terrible
B) am writes analyses of each episode, jdrama in general does not hold up well to analyses
C) am is way too picky
D) the show is just that bad

Normally I would just say the show is just that bad and be done with it (no offense, but it's a jdrama. you have to be realistic here) but since it's actually based on an underlying story, I can't say for sure. I'm holding on strong to my claim of not reading the manga after the drama ends (assuming I still will want to have anything at all to do with this series by that time) so I have no way of knowing, which is just a teeny bit frustrating.

From past experiences, it really might be the case that the manga takes a longer time to develop these things, so it makes more sense there. But, really, maybe the mangaka is just that inconsistent. After all, there is a reason why I hadn't ever heard of this manga until the drama. Not all shoujo manga is that good with writing a story. The ones that are, are very obvious by the simple fact they have 200+ chapters (*cough* not naming any names).

Things are just developing so abruptly. Note my use of the word "abrupt" rather than "fast". The actual pacing feels soooooooo slow. There are way, way too many scenes of people, especially Souta, talking to themselves about completely insignificant things, and if that wasn't bad enough, he does his talking SO SLOW. You don't need to take 30 seconds to say 3 words. And then, even when people are talking to each other, for example, that scene with Rikudou and Sekiya (remember I wanted to see more of Rikudou? what I meant was, I want to see him do something cute and relevant. not just lecture Sekiya randomly) it is so unnecessarily long and random with flowery metaphors and blah blah blah I get bored even thinking about it, let alone writing about it.

Why are we filling 30 minutes with this stuff, when we could be portraying things like:

- How Olivier and Matsuri grow closer together. You're a shoujo manga, you're supposed to show people falling in love. This is exactly what bad shoujo manga does, it takes two people that meet and hang around the same place, has them go through a few mundane conversations, and a few chapters later, bam, they're in love. What? How? Why? I usually just assume it's the manga characters being 12 years old or something, but that argument doesn't apply here. Good shoujo mangas (*cough* not naming names) actually show you why and how the characters fall in love so well that you fall in love with them too (I'm not saying that happened to me at all, of course, you know, just speaking theoretically here *cough*)

- Erena falling in love with Souta, rather than instantly deciding that she likes him more than "friends".

- Kaoruko growing into a sensible person, Kaoruko and Sekiya helping each other open up to others and mature.

Is that asking too much? Apparently.

Let's see what exactly Saeko's going to say to Souta's confession. The preview didn't show any hints of it, almost to the point where it makes you wonder if it is actually going to happen next episode? I  was expecting this episode they would have Valentine's day, so maybe it's going to be indefinitely postponed now.

Of course, she's supposed to not reject him (somehow... how can she pull it off?) so he feels confused between her and Erena, but we'll see. I'm open to being proven wrong.

Also, don't think I didn't notice how abruptly Souta went from being a "bad guy" to just being a normal person. What a randomly disappearing story line. So all that fussing around was pretty much for nothing.

To top the disappointment with the story, there were no new exciting sweets at all this time. Although that may not be such a bad thing because I had run out of chocolate last week anyway :) We only have this teaser to keep our desires occupied with. I like the one that he's drawing, but I'm currently in the mood for the one that looks like it's filled with caramel.

They should fill chocolates with honey instead of caramel. That would be mind-blowing.

Instead, we get to see the Classico tomato sauce, which I'm genuinely wondering the role of in a chocolatier kitchen. Seriously. It's not their personal home kitchen. And it's filled with tomato sauce too. What's it doing there???

Also, I didn't know they had Classico sauce in Japan. Pretty amusing to see on a Jdrama. But shame on them for not making their own tomato sauce. It is so easy, so much more healthy, and probably a lot more delicious to make your own. Tsk, tsk, tsk.


  1. hmmm i feel that manga did show why olivier fall for matsuri but in drama it never shows

    in the manga it showed matsuri was cosplaying a manga character which olivier likes so when he see matsuri in that cosplay costume he feel shy and fall for her

    but in drama seem like many olivier's parts taken out so it seem like why olivier suddenly like matsuri
    in the manga are more detail than the drama i have to sAY

    and the script just cut away alot of olivier scenes which i find thAT is because probably they scared second character will take over main character as souta character is very bad as a role for any actor

    and online too many people criticise this drama and main character so in order to save the actor image they need to show souta turn back to normal
    and i think manga souta never have this part ba

    and so if show more olivier viewers will turn more to him
    right now alot of people prefer olivier love line than souta

    so i really think this drama lack of consistency

    thanks for the sub

    1. >why olivier fall for matsuri but in drama it never shows

      Because this Matsuri look like a Kasumi Arimura, if you know what I mean.
      Maybe girls don't understand, but this is more than enough.

  2. Sorry, I wanted to let you know. I've seen Classico at Costco in Japan lol. And maybe a food import shop. Strange to be in a chocolate shop haha.

    1. Ah, I didn't even know they had Costco??? Well that's pretty funny to me.

  3. Really disappointed with this episode. the story seems to go downhill which is a shame, i really liked the first episodes

  4. Hmm...
    Well... gosh, I don't know how to refute any of your points here xD
    Although!!! To be honest, I don't find it as "inconsistent" as you do because...:
    1. Souta has always seemed inconsistent to me xD His actions and his thoughts are often so... different!!! This time I was happy that he's finally stopped acting like an idiot ¬¬ ("Becoming a bad guy" my a$$!!!).
    2. I don't think he's in love with Erena or that she's in love with him. I wouldn't deduct that from what's shown in this chapter :/ I think Souta's attitude is a bit like saying "Well, maybe this could work..." rather than implying any deeper feelings.
    3. Matsuri... *sigh* She's playing... "Maybe this could work..." all over again. Is it a family thing? xD
    (And if they're both playing, that should be enough to create some situations after that!!! More broken hearts mwahahahahahahaha!!!)

    And I just wanna know what Saeko says... We all know her answer, but I just wanna see if the husband ever finds out :P Now, THAT would be interesting!!!
    But... who knows?

  5. The plot will go like this
    saeko will accept him (sota is taken by surprise), they start "underground" dating, sota dumps elena bc his acceptance gets to his head and he's back to being an as*. Evil!husband will find out and she runs to him again.
    It's so predictable at this point that it's really really sad.

  6. I was so angry-at myself that i could not post comment for your review of shitsuren chocolatier episode 5. by the way, to put it simply, i love your reviews more than i love that tantalizing cake even though i'm a sweet tooth. damn it they don't any eye candy this episode.

    you sound a bit frustrated, don't you? somehow, i want to reconsider watch it. but i will proceed to read.

    love details about the tomato sauce. maybe they want to invent something with that tomato sauce such as chocolate and chilly flavor that is widely marketed now.

    maybe, the writer is at lost too?

  7. I absolutely love the T/N notes! I've never felt compelled to comment on subtitles before but these notes are just the best! Makes me laugh every episode. Thank you so very much.

  8. I absolutely love the T/N notes! I've never felt compelled to comment on subtitles before but these notes are just the best! Makes me laugh every episode. Thank you so very much.