Drama ratings

List of all Japanese dramas, TV specials, and movies I've watched (completely). I'll slowly fill in this page. I reserve the right to change my opinion of any drama whenever I want. Especially if I rewatch a show after a long time, which I tend to do often.

TitleMy enjoyment/My "fair" rating (out of 10)
Atashinchi no Danshi6/5 - The amount of unrealized potential this show had kills me. While the plot itself isn't so bad, the production and in-your-face fakeness of everything is just too cringe worthy. 
Attention Please!7/6 - I love the characters, but the lack of development left me frustrated. I think of this show whenever I fly. Incredibly annoying use of "Pretty Woman".
Bambino!8/7 - Do not watch this show if you're on a diet. Not horribly exciting, but definitely interesting if you like Italian restaurants.
Binbo Danshi8/8 - Wonderfully funny and adorable. Delivers reality like a slap in the face just when you thought it was getting unrealistically optimistic. I love the whole cast.
Bloody Monday9/9 - Ever wonder what 24 would be like in real life? It would be like this show. The plot is gripping and fast paced, there is a good balance of action and heart, the actors (especially Miura) outperform themselves. Jdrama needs more shows like this. 
Buzzer Beat7/8 - Shockingly decent romance Jdrama, no statue kisses will be found here! While the plot actually advances much before the final for a change, I never really felt for the characters.
Celeb to Binbou Tarou6/5 - If you can ignore the this-is-so-obviously-fake and focus on the super cute characters, this is a decent show that will make you want to eat raw eggs with rice (try with caution outside Japan).
Dragon Zakura7/6 - I want Abe Hiroshi to be my teacher. 
Freeter, Ie wo Kau7/8 - The show is realistic, the actors fit their roles well, and do a good job. Can't say even I didn't learn a lesson or two from the dad.
Gokusen9/8 - Repetitive, but epic in the huge effect it had on the whole industry (how many times has this trope been remade now?) and everyone who acted in it. The characters are the best in this season.
Gokusen 24/5 - The adults, same from the first season, are still wonderful, and I do love the boys as people, but I just couldn't love them as characters in the show. It's a miracle I completed the season.
Hana Kimi9/7 - My very first Jdrama, because I was already a fan of the manga. The manga is better, but the whole show, setting, soundtrack (orange range!) is adorable. One of the best feel-good summer youth dramas.
Hana Yori Dango10/8 - Will forever remain the gold standard of high school Jdramas for me. The sensational fanbase for this series is no joke, and yes, I belong in that group.
Hana Yori Dango 210/9 - I love Matsujun's hair, I love the soundtrack, I love the insane plot and the loaded romantic moments. To me the whole production is simply perfect.
Hotaru no Hikari10/10 - Show, I love you. What is this perfection?
Hotaru no Hikari 210/9 - I'm disappointed at how this season was supposed to be better due to the premise, but it was worse. And by worse, I mean slightly less perfect. 
Hungry!8/6 - I was really surprised at how unappetizing the food looked even though it was supposed to look wonderful. The plot started off great, but was completely unsatisfactory in the end.
Ikemen Desu Ne10/9 - The silly idol actors do very good jobs, the story feels even better than the original (sorry Hong sisters), it's fast, fulfilling, adorable, and everything is pretty. Can't even count how many times I watched this.
Juken no Kamisama6/3 - What can I do, I love watching lazy people getting ready for exams.
Kagi no Kakatta Heya8/8 - Fun. 
Kaseifu no Mita8/8 - This show felt like a breath of fresh air at the time it was airing. Good performances all around, with a mysterious aura that just pulls you in.
Kimi wa Petto8/5 - Very good romance by current Jdrama standards, very low production, very cute Matsujun.
Kuro no Onna Kyoushi8/7 - Typical and completely predictable, but still entertaining to watch. I love dark Eikura Nana.
Love Shuffle10/8 - Cannot describe how much I love half of this cast in their characters. The plot is on the original side, the actors are right on spot, and it is a blast to watch everyone fumble their way through each other's lives.
Maou10/10 - Ohno outdid himself here. Emotionally gripping, fast paced, heartbreaking, and fulfilling. Shows you that the world isn't black and white, to the point where you don't know who to root for. Can't we have everyone win?
Mei-chan no Shitsuji10/5 - Obscenely rich pretty ladies with obscenely gorgeous butlers? Sold! This show is a shockingly low production, but if you can ignore that, it is all sparkles and fluffies with a great cast and lovely plot.
Misaki Number One!!9/7 - Feels too much like a remake of Gokusen, but I loved the characters. Still singing the theme song.
Moyashimon3/3 - Don't even ask me why I watched this. Hands down worst drama I somehow watched anyway. The bacteria stuffs are very cute, though.
Natsu no Koi wa Niji-iro ni Kagayaku7/7 - Not too bad, not too good. A solid romance drama.
Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de8/6 - A bit too comical, and the mysteries themselves are on the boring side, but with a very lovable adorable main couple that work so well together.
Nobuta wo Produce?/?
Nodame Cantabile10/10 - The best drama ever. EVER. The cast were born to play these roles.
One Pound Gospel?/?
Papa to Musume no Nanokakan?/?
Proposal Daisakusen?/?
Rich Man, Poor Woman?/?
Risou no Musuko?/?
Ryusei no Kizuna?/?
Seigi no Mikata10/8 - Very light and insignificant drama, yet my all time favorite slice-of-life show to watch (and rewatch). Stellar performance by Yamada Yuu and Shida Mirai. Makiko is my hero.
Sekai no Chuushin de Ai wo Sakebu7/8 - I cried EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of this show. It was terrible. After watching this, I never watched another of the terminally-ill dramas. I'm traumatized.
Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou7/4 - This has got to be one of the most random and frivolous "drama"s ever made, but I still eat up the eye candy.
Shoukoujo Seira?/?
Stand Up!!10/9 - Absolutely wonderful summer drama, very down to earth portrayal of high-school relationships with just enough fluff and realism, all laced with subtle comedy. If that didn't convince you, take a look at the cast.
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi?/?
Tsuki no Koibito8/8 - All the women are in love with Kimura Takuya, what else is new? I empathize with him, they're all exceedingly lovely.
Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu?/?
Yamada Tarou Monogatari10/8 - I have a hypothesis that it is impossible to watch any episode of this drama and not feel happier. Experiments ongoing.
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge?/?
Zenkai Girl?/?
Zettai Kareshi9/8 - Love triangle cuteness all around. Aibu Saki shines in this role. To this date I haven't decided who I would choose to end up with if I was her.

JMovies and Specials

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu4/6 - The movie tried, I'll give it that much, and I love Okada and Inoue. But see, I had already read the manga, which is ridiculously good. The movie accomplished absolutely nothing for me. Do watch it if you don't know the story ahead of time.
Freeter, Ie wo Kau SP?/?
Hana Kimi SP?/?
Hana Yori Dango The Movie9/7 - Really boring compared to the main drama, but adorable scenes between the main couple keep it going.
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni?/?
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Chikai?/?
Kimi ni Todoke?/?
My Sister, My Love4/2 - Spoiler: Nothing happens in this movie. They could have fit the whole thing in 15 minutes. Yet I still watched on as if entranced by the nothingness, wondering if anything would actually happen. It didn't.
Nodame Cantabile Special10/10 - Yet more utter perfection.
Nodame Cantabile The Movie10/10 - Nodame doesn't disappoint in movie format either. It is still flawless.
Saigo no Yakusoku?/?

Disclaimer: I did not invent the rating scheme.

Think I'd like something you don't see on this list? Let me know in the comments!


  1. thank u for your self rating drama. after read it, i watch buzzer beat, i falling in love with that drama, romance story, keiko kitagawa.. she is so beautiful.
    my favorite jdrama is love shuffle, the cast, story, plot, are perfect. u should watch poor woman, rich man and give ur rating asap, because for me its 10/9.

    1. Actually I did watch it, this list is pretty outdated but I just can't find the time to get back to it!!!

      Soon ~~~

    2. thats fine, i really love ur webs, thanks for all the effort.
      GANBATTE NEE ~~~~ ^_^

  2. Thanks for all your effort and dedication to Jdramas. The website is fantastic, always interesting to read these ratings. Currently watching Matsumoto Jun's new drama and dieing from waiting for each episode! Keep up the good work.

  3. Priceless, Good Luck, and another Kimutaku not listed :v
    And fenomenal drama "Densha Otoko" Hahaha...

  4. go update the list if you have the time! :D would love to see the new updated one :)

  5. Have you watched 'Kisaragi' for JMovie? :)

  6. Your opinion about doramas is pretty much the same as mine! :)
    And Arashi : <3 hahaha

  7. Try watching these movies: Paradise Kiss, Runway Beat, L-DK, Bokura Ga ita Part 1 & 2, Koukou Debut, Lovely Complex , Beck and The Liar and his lover. ♥

  8. I love your opinion on HYD and Nodame Cantabile btw. I love those two dramas to bits! plus the movie adaptations! I love them all! ♥♥♥