Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 8

Finally, I was wrong about something! Unfortunately, that something is very minor. Of all plot points the show could use to mislead and surprise us, it chose Saeko being an evil scheming pyschopath? Clearly even they think that the plot is nonsense, if that's all they were able to come up with for the preview! What else can you expect from a romance drama where none of the characters know what love is?


Saeko runs away after the kiss, and doesn't contact Souta ever again. Souta can't accept this as an obvious rejection, so he doesn't begin going out with Erena as planned. Erena is disappointed. Souta randomly decides to wait until White Day to see if Saeko will give some sort of response. Saeko randomly decides to run away from home to the chocolate shop on that specific day. Thankfully for her, Souta takes her in, and, ehm, vice versa. Kaoruko and Saeko-husband are pissed. Souta-father and Matsuri are amused. Olivier doesn't know what's what anymore. Kaoruko tries to give Saeko a good talking to, but realizes she's even more stupid than Saeko, because Saeko at least owns up to her stupidity, whereas Kaoruko acts holier than thou.


Disclaimer: I'm sorry about the "furniture" scene. (a bit. maybe.) What she really says is more like "object" (you might have noticed that irons aren't furniture) and it would have fit much better in context, but I... I just could not resist!!!!

Err, okay, back on track.

Well, I'm sure none of us were surprised about what happens in this episode. Even if they hadn't actually shown what will happen in the preview. The show is spoiling itself, what can I do. I suppose they figure it's so obvious it can't even be called a spoiler.

All of the side characters took a step back in this episode. Matsuri had what, one line? Olivier two. Even though Erena actually had a few scenes, they felt so minor it was like she wasn't even there. I feel kinda bad for Erena, I mean, Souta was so leading her on, she's being so optimistic through this whole thing. I think unlike Saeko and Kaoruko, Erena might actually know what it means to truly love someone.

Although maybe not. Don't think I forgot that whole fiasco with supposedly being in love for more than a year with a person you met once and spoke two words with. Goodness, isn't there even one sane character in this show?!

Ah, I know! Rikudou! He appears sane so far. His only problem is misunderstanding Souta, but that's relatively understandable. Indeed, so basically, Rikudou needs to step in and solve everybody's problems. Is it his age that's making him so wise? He doesn't even look that old.

Speaking of Rikudou, Sekiya completely disappeared too. So, the show skipped an entire month in half an episode, and from what we know, Sekiya hasn't even responded to Kaoruko?! Wow, that's low. He didn't seem like a particularly evil or annoying character, it's so tactless to let such a text go completely unignored for so long! Can anyone imagine that he's actually still thinking about what to write to her? Now wouldn't that be funny. I'd like to see Kaoruko react to that. Although, thanks to Souta's recent behavior, she'd now instantly assume that he's lying.

Are Kaoruko and Sekiya supposed to be a thing? With only 3 episodes left, I can't see them suddenly developing something more, unless it's at the final episode wrap up. Poor Kaoruko. She definitely deserves some one, but I'm not so sure Sekiya is good for her. They would have constant communication problems. Kaoruko needs someone more open and cheerful like... Well, Olivier, actually.

So, back on track, again. About what actually happens in the episode.

Saeko didn't turn out to be evil at all, it was just some wording context ambiguity. You got me, preview! On the contrary, Saeko turned out to be so simple and tame, I mentally snorted milk I wasn't even drinking out of my nose at her response to Kaoruko. I take back everything I ever thought about Saeko growing up. I don't know if she actually gets it or not, but if she does, that's a horrible way of putting things.

Now Saeko gets to live happily ever after in the chocolate house. I think Souta is a perfect husband for Saeko, because he's the chocolate prince. That's all she wants in life! Chocolate and to be taken care of. And Saeko is perfect for Souta too, because all he really wants is a cute girl. And she's cute. Besides, she's his long time fantasy, so even if she was a bad girl, she has history with him to back her up.

I do feel sorry for Erena but I think she can find someone else. She's supposed to be super pretty, and charming too, so maybe she should just get another sex friend and see how that works out. Although personally I don't see how Erena is the most beautiful girl Souta knows, I think Saeko is objectively better looking, but there really is no "objective" when it comes down to this, I guess.

Unrelated: Who thinks Erena actually ate that burger? That must be more calories than her entire daily consumption! Sorry to gossip (yes I'm jelly and I admit it) but I love how they always show Erena and Souta at a restaurant, with food in front of them too, and they never actually eat it. Also, I forgot to comment in the show, but why can't they eat and talk at the same time?? Oh, we have to talk, let's finish that and let the food get cold, because finishing this random talk is more important than eating warm food. These people have their priorities wrong, seriously.

I'm now long used to the many disturbingly dumb plot points of the show, I thought Kaoruko was even amusing in this episode, instead of being annoyed at her bitchiness. Although, I would appreciate if she didn't handle the chocolate bon bons so roughly, poor chocolates. But other than that, it was pretty mild.

However, it's more disturbing that probably no one in this show (except Rikudou) knows what really being in love is like. How can you not be able to give any answer? Saeko's level of apathy is astounding, considering how many relationships she's been in her life. At least Kaoruko has the saving grace that she doesn't have any experience. It's not about wishing that person well, or wanting them to like you, or caring only about their personality and not their looks.

If I may be so bold as to chime in, I would say true love is when your entire being yearns to be with that person, when every activity is more enjoyable together, when you can just sit in the same room doing nothing and it's the best time of your life, when you can't imagine how you used to live without that person, when mere contact of hands feels like it could give you a heart attack, and when a mere look from that person sets you at ease and you feel like you're home.

This is possibly the worst shoujo manga drama ever made (don't worry, it's not the worst shoujo manga, there are much, much, much worse ones) even including things like Mei-chan no Shitsuji. Nearly all the high schoolers in that drama/manga could tell you what true love is, whereas these people in their upper 20s and 30s have no clue. This is a sad day for shoujo manga. It's bringing dishonor to the genre.


The show isn't giving nearly enough focus on the actual sweets anymore and it pisses me off. All we really saw is this weird stuff:

I'm sorry but that looks disgusting. Puke green. And what's that horrifying shape? It looks like the chocolates got ill and developed a rash and mold on top. Ugh!!! Ew.

Besides, isn't it White Day? Why don't you make white chocolate or something? That would have been such a nice change!
So yes, the conclusion is, please give us more sweets, drama. Maybe now that Saeko's in the house, it'll inspire Souta to make lots of sparkly yummy treats for her, and for us to drool over. I wish.

I'm still kind of angry that they gave away chocolate box set from the show and I don't live in Japan. So mean. Like Kaoruko, if I can't have them, I don't want anyone to have them. Argh!!!


  1. ahh the furniture scene! My mind immediately jumped to Umineko and I was like "no way" and then kept thinking if the producers were fans...but clearly not, because Umineko handles the topic of love loads better than this show haha. Thanks for the easter egg though! And thank you for subbing this series in such a timely manner, you're incredible!!

    1. I'm so glad someone watching thought of Umineko!!! <3

  2. i think the whole of the drama planning has problem

    like olivier and matsuri
    they just show us they are together then no more
    at least they should show us some dating scenes or sweet moment scenes of these two

    and not just focus on how saeko having affairs with souta
    and erena waiting for souta and souta cheat her about saeko
    and kaoruko crush on souta

    everything on souta souta souta
    it is really too much already
    plus his love life is A mess
    so i feel my head going to burst to see ep 8

    at least give us some light simple and sweet love moment like olivier and matsuri or kaoruko and the richor employee guy to neutralize every episode's tensity and heavy moment
    as too much of heavy and tense moment in one ep is really making ppl headache

    and i too think kaoruko need someone who is open and cheerful like olivier
    and the most importantly he know how kaoruko feels even she dont say out
    so i really don't understand why the writer of this story make the story so complicated
    and most of time of the drama are wasted as too focus on things which are not quite acceptable by people and all the good and normal people are shown very little
    and their pairings are also quite weird
    for eg kaoruko and olivier i do think they are compatible and look good together
    so they will make a cute couple if they are together
    but i think matsuri and olivier look good too but i feel olivier and kaoruko seem to have more chemistry and will create more funny scenes As both Are funny
    and olivier will know kaoruko thinking so sometime will tease her
    i mean this kind of simple and pure and abit funny pairing
    is what a drama should have

    to me in this drama i also think no one knows what true love really is except olivier
    as he know he can give matsuri happiness and he want to make everything clear first for
    matsuri and he want to make matsuri clear about her feeling instead of blindly dating her or be together with her. AT least olivier know what is best for matsuri

    but souta is not he just has sex and affairs with saeko
    without settling anythg with seako s hubby or erena
    is this true love?
    and ALL Souta thinks of seako is having her on bed
    i mean does he know what is good for seako aND HIMSELF???!

    is this call love or obsession???

    1. Well, i can understand what you are saying, but Matsujun is the protagonist in this story, it's obvious that he's got the most screentime

  3. Ah, this drama is so disappointing sometimes... like this chapter... *sigh*

    Well, I'm not so surprised that none of the characters know what "true love" is. Not many people in real life would be able to give a really good answer to that question!!! I guess the older you get, the more you take time to answer that kind of questions. I know I wouldn't be able to answer it, even if I wanted. At least that's realistic!!!

    After this chapter, I just can't stand Saeko and Souta anymore. I hope they don't have a happy ending!!! ^____^ Okay... just Saeko xDDDDDDDD (←still hoping for a happy ending that involves some Souta x Olivier scenario).

    1. ..."what it means to truly love someone"...
      Well, who really knows? I don't know, definitely. I only know that people's behavior is extremely various (diverse), anything can happen - you know, we are not the robots.
      Yes, I am not young anymore ... still I enjoy dorama like this one!

      Dear Saeko chan ... hmmm, I see that many watchers don't like her - I really pity her and so I like her. Anyway, she is very kawaii (^_^) and I am crazy about cuteness... (for me, the real life in EU is unfortunately often very harsh, including the local art)

      And about the subs - Akamiso, good job!! Arigatoo.

  4. Is it still a good reason to stop the subtitles for this drama ? You don't how some people will be disappointed to know that you will no release the episode because you didn't like what happened. Unfortunately, we, French people, don't have japanese translators and we need to follow english subtitles to create our releases. Even if the episode was bad, you could at least finish your work rather than disappointing people, even if they do not necessarily appreciate the episode either.
    But thank you for your great work on the first episodes

  5. Dear Akamiso san, sorry, but one more comment...
    I just wish to assure you, there are people who e.g. likes the chocolates you found disgusting (I am sorry, that its shape gives you the impression of something bad, you know, even if I am a very lonely here in EU, I always try to see the "bright side" - it helps me to overcome my loneliness). And I really enjoy the episode 9!
    But well, I know that "10 people = 10 different views", this is the system of this world and we just have to try to take it easy...
    Again, thank you for your hard work m(_ _)m

  6. Sorry, I just wanted to say but, rather than "chocolate box set from the show," wasn't it the novelized book of the drama that they were giving away?
    Anyway, thank you so much for your subs!

  7. finally find some shitsuren fans here, i love this blog :D!! will follow from now on!!!
    you guys may wanna visit my fb page, i made saeko's b-day cake :D
    but the one i made wasnt good enough, so I am gonna make another one this week, just wanna put more effort and take it to the next level :D
    thanks for visiting x

    I already saw episode 10 before reading this. I wonder how much funnier it would have been .
    Wonderful post

  9. I just hate the final chapter... You know it was not a good drama but was nice for me , but I tottaly hated the end... Is like if nothing happened in the whole drama

  10. i was like laughing so hard with your comment on the chocolates. yeah, they look unappetizing to me too. they are like this drama, getting into the drain. by the way, i still want to watch the first episode. i still want to see how far it will get me despite knowing the poor plot.

    i really think, the problem lies to the poorly re written plot. maybe there were no major changes, but at least please make it likeable. this drama just disgrace jun's reputation (rabid fangirl's once said).

    i never feel like kicking chocolate before.

  11. Hi, I'd like to watch this drama too but seems like all the links for subs are dead....