I'm alive!

Yes I'm not dead. Just in case anyone was wondering.

Unfortunately during the time I was subbing Shitsuren I was extremely busy with real life stuff and it was a struggle to actually finish subbing it (which of course I had to do just for the sake of completeness), I simply couldn't keep up with posting anymore. And then, after it was done, I was so burnt out, I not only have not watched ANY (yes, any) J-drama since then, I haven't even listened to any of the new Arashi singles!! (this would have been a more dramatic statement if you knew me, guess you'll just have to take my word for it that it's dramatic) You can imagine that I was completely traumatized by the song "Bittersweet".

I did hear that both Nino and Ohno have new dramas? It feels like so much has happened in the (has it already been?) half year that I've been out of the loop. I need to get back into the groove... Is anyone here? What are people watching these days? And I need to update the blog header so I can stop seeing Shitsuren! :)

Actually what brought me back is the updates on korean Nodame. If nothing else, I suspect I'll be writing simply to rant about that when it comes out in the fall. I was trying to ignore its existence in hopes it would go away, but nope, not happening. Probably not a lot of jdrama watchers watch Korean dramas, so I don't know how much you guys know about it. The actor replacing Tamaki Hiroshi seems to be an okay enough guy, but he's just so babyfaced, I can't see him as Chiaki at all. I know nothing about the girl playing Nodame, but K-drama fans seem to like her... Whatever, she's no Ueno Juri.

I'm going to be very openly biased and judgmental about the whole thing so if you can't handle that, better stay away from the future Nodame posts ;) I have no feelings of mercy whatsoever for Group8 for messing with my precious Nodame. My biggest hope right now is if they make the plot really different, then at least it will live in its own terrible weird Korean world, and the original will remain its own separate thing. I really hope they do this... Would work best if they tried to expand the original drama storyline into 16 hours (I sure hope it's not a 20 episode one!).

It's called "Cantabile Romance" for your information. Despite "romance" being such a small part of the original series, me being the romance junkie I am, I binge watched all three anime seasons in record time in hopes there would be some remote HINT of romance. I don't want to know what "romance" they found so prominent that it made it into the title. Sigh...


  1. I will be waiting for those post~~~

  2. I am a kdrama watcher who has recently started watching jdrama. I completely heart nodame and am concerned that koreanizing it very bad thing. I suspect they will up the romance and have the ex girlfriend play a larger part in the story. I am not thrilled with the lead male actor but, on the plus side, the man is a very good actor. The lead female (nodame) actress is also very talented. They almost cast a pretty but limited idol from a girl group but there was such an uproar that fell thru. Sorry if I am telling you what you already know.

    Thank you for your work on shitsuren that is how I found your site.

  3. I just saw this post now and wanted to say I'm so glad you're back! I enjoyed Shitsuren a lot(!), but despite this enjoyed your posts about the episodes, too. I liked Shitsuren, because it was funny and your posts were very funny, too. So I was sad, when you disappeared. Be back, a lot! :-)

  4. I know this post is old and commenting now might be a little late... But I just finished Shitsuren with your subtitles, and I just wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation. To be honest, the drama was all over the place and just awkward at times, but I thoroughly enjoyed your ending credit comments! Those comments alone made me laugh at the end of every episode lol so thank you for making that drama a little more bearable!