Jdrama Fall 2013 Season Preview

Snapshots from the upcoming season in order of start date.

  • Gochisousan

  • Thank you for the meal
  • Featuring: Anne
  • Time: NHK @8am
  • Start: Sep 30
  • Period foodie morning drama. I'll try to follow this as much as I can actually find it to watch.
  • Hakuba no Ouji-sama Junai Tekireiki

  • Prince Charming/Pure love at marriageable age
  • Featuring: Yuka
  • Time: NTV Th@midnight
  • Start: Oct 3
  • Relationships of a 32 y/o teacher, trying to find love and settle down.
  • No Con Kid

  • No continue kid
  • Featuring: Tanaka Kei
  • Time: TV Tokyo F@1am
  • Start: Oct 4
  • Takes place in 1983 with kids in video game arcades trying to impress girls. I think we all have to see Tanaka Kei playing a 15 y/o.
  • 49

  • 49
  • Featuring: No one relevant
  • Time: NTV Sa@1am
  • Start: Oct 5
  • Boy possessed by his dead father's spirit gains mad life skills but it can only last 49 days.. How will he cope when it ends??
  • Tokyo Toy Box

  • Tokyo toy box
  • Featuring: Kaname Jun
  • Time: TV Tokyo Sa@1am
  • Start: Oct 5
  • Game making.
    Fun fact: Theme song by SHINee.
  • Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyoya e Yokoso

  • Welcome to the all-knowing fortuneteller
  • Featuring: Nishikido Ryo, Chinen Yuri
  • Time: Fuji Tue@10pm
  • Start: Oct 8
  • Fake fortuneteller sets up shop, people don't even fall for it but end up going along with it anyway.
  • Legal High 2

  • Legal High 2
  • Featuring: Gakki
  • Time: Fuji Wed@10pm
  • Start: Oct 9
  • Second season of the popular lawyer drama. Brb while I watch season 1.
  • Dokushin Kizoku

  • Single royalty (or, "a swinging single")
  • Featuring: Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Kitagawa Keiko, Taipi
  • Time: Fuji Thu@10pm
  • Start: Oct 10
  • J-romcom with pretty people and filmmaking company.
  • Toshi Densetsu no Onna 2

  • The woman who's an urban legend
  • Featuring: Nagasawa Masami
  • Time: Asahi Fri@11pm
  • Start: Oct 11
  • Second season of the popular detective drama. I didn't watch S1 and I most likely won't watch S2.
  • Ando Lloyd~A.I. knows LOVE?~

  • Featuring: Kimura Takuya, Shibasaki Kou, Oshima Yuko
  • Time: TBS Sun@9pm
  • Start: Oct 13
  • Time travel corporate crime mystery sci-fi robot love. Just watch it.
  • Umi no Ue no Shinryojo

  • Clinic at the top of the sea
  • Featuring: Matsuda Shota, Takei Emi
  • Time: Fuji Mon@9pm
  • Start: Oct 14
  • Playboy doctor searches for love among his clients, who happen to be on a boat, going from island to island.
  • Miss Pilot

  • Featuring: HORIKITA MAKI, Aibu Saki
  • Time: Fuji Tue@9pm
  • Start: Oct 15
  • If you don't know what this is about I'm not telling you. (hint: look at the poster)
    Most hyped drama of the season.
  • Doctor X 2

  • Featuring: Yonekura Ryoko, Fujiki Naohito
  • Time: Asahi Wed@9pm
  • Start: Oct 17
  • Super doctor. Season 2.
  • Honey Trap

  • Featuring: Akira (Exile), Nakama Yukie
  • Time: Fuji Sa@11pm
  • Start: Oct 19
  • Complicated research company intrigue with plot points involving miracle products, kidnap, father issues, and possibly being framed for something. Sounds interesting enough to me.
  • Otto no Kanojo

  • My husband's girlfriend
  • Featuring: No one you know. (probably)
  • Time: TBS Thu@9pm
  • Start: Oct 24
  • Housewife and is-she-having-an-affair-with-my-husband office lady magically swap bodies. Confusion ensues.
At the current date my favorite so far is Dokushin Kizoku (shock) (it's exactly my type of drama, even complete with my cutie Keiko) and most looked forward to is Ando Roido and Shinryojo.

I feel like this season would have been complete if there was an Eikura Nana drama in it. I know a lot of people hate her, but I find her quite likeable with a nice attitude in her work.


  1. hi, if you don't mind, could you please tell me where I can find 720p Raws for these dramas..specially Dokushin Kizoku? The ones in d-addict have really poor quality.

    1. Nope, unfortunately finding jdramas still seems to be quite difficult. The chinese/japanese hardsub version is higher quality, but the hardsubs might be annoying. I wish they were more accessible!

    2. Come to asiandirectdownload.blogspot.com

  2. This was very informative. Will you be doing a list of the up coming dramas for Winter 2014?